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            Rallies / Races

COA Annual Rally / Race Events :

New Year Speed Cruise - January

  • First event in the COA Championship Series starting with a free style speed race

  • Short speed race within a cruising area for 2 to 3 hours

  • Start from anywhere & sailing to anywhere as you wish in side the cruising area

  • Use distance sailed x HKPN / IRC Rating as result

  • May have post race fun event as second session

Sai Kung Rally - any months


  • Short race around the spectacular Islands in Sai Kung Area

  • BBQ or Seafood Party after the race


Mirs Bay Seafood Rally - May or June

  • Race to Mirs Bay

  • Ko Lau Wan Seafood Party after the race

  • Enjoy the spectacular scenes in Double Haven area in the weekend

Four Pubs Rally - Saturday in Mid-August

  • visit 4 beer pub sites on land or on water en-route the race

  • Send 2 Crews to go to each site - by all means but no engines / no swimming

  • Male crew must take a can/bottle of beer

  • Female crew can take either beer or soft drink/water

  • Prize giving party after the race

3 Days Summer or Autumn Rally

  • A Three Days "COA Rally" during a Long Weekend in Summer or Autumn month

  • Day 1 - long downwind race to Soko Island and have BBQ Party

  • Day 2 - short upwind race to Silvermine Bay and have either seafood or buffet dinner

  • Day 3 - short upwind race to Po Toi Island and have seafood lunch + grand prize giving

  • Participants can select to join either individual day(s) or all 3 days of the Rally

​​Double Handed Challenge - Saturday in November

  • 2 classes in Mixed / Men Team

  • Short 7 - 10 nm race course

  • May have free light lunch with limited F&B after the race

COA Christmas Cup - First Saturday in December

  • Last event in COA Championship Series

  • The only race with 3 start lines with Two Legs Race on a same day

  • Start Leg 1 at your base mooring area with your neighbor boat teams

  • Joint the boats from other start areas at a common Leg 1 finish spot

  • Compete with the entire fleet in Leg 2 to finalise your results in COA Championship Series

  • May have post race fun event as second session

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