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Traffic Separation Scheme

Traffic Separation Scheme


The purpose of providing Principal Fairways and Traffic Separation Schemes is to improve the safety of navigation in areas where traffic density is high or traffic movement is restricted. There are 10 Principal Fairways and 2 Traffic Separation Schemes in the waters of Hong Kong. 



Principal Fairways


  • Eastern Fairway

  • Hung Hom Fairway

  • Central Fairway

  • Yau Ma Tei Fairway

  • Northern Fairway

  • North Green Island Fairway

  • Southern Fairway

  • Western Fairway

  • Ma Wan Fairway

  • Kap Shui Mun Fairway


Traffic Separation Schemes


  • Tathong Channel Traffic Separation Scheme

  • East Lamma Channel Traffic Separation Scheme


Vessels using a Principal Fairway or Traffic Separation Scheme

shall abide by the following rules and regulations.
Particular attention shall be drawn to the following items:


When Using Principal Fairway




Always observe International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (Colregs) and remember NO special right of way for a vessel proceeding along a PF 

Keep to the outer limit of the fairway which lies on the starboard side of your vessel 

Sound the appropriate signals as required by Colregs regarding overtaking situations 

Cross a fairway at right angle




Anchor within the fairway limits 

Engage in fishing within the fairway limits 

Impede the passage of a large vessel


When Using Traffic Separation Scheme




Always observe Colregs 

Proceed in the appropriate lane in the direction of traffic flow for that lane 

Keep clear of a traffic separation line or separation zone 

Join or leave a traffic lane at its end where possible 

When joining or leaving a traffic lane from either side, do so at as small an angle as possible to the general direction of traffic flow 

Cross the traffic lanes at right angles 

Navigate with particular caution in areas where traffic lanes terminate or where there is a precautionary area




Anchor in Traffic Separation Scheme at or near its termination 

Enter a separation zone or cross a separation line except in case of emergency or to avoid immediate danger 

Impede the safe passage of a large vessel following the traffic lane Vessels Not Using Principal Fairway or Traffic Separation Scheme shall avoid it by as wide a margin as is practicable

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