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Solaris Lamma Trophy

Solaris 2023 Lamma Trophy

Please note that the deadline for entry & trials

are both on 31st December 2023  !!!


Trophy will be presented to the COA member boats

which recorded the Fastest Elapsed Time

to sailing around the Lamma Island during the period

from 1st January to 31st December of a year


4 Classes according to boats' LOA :

A  - LOA up to 40.0 feet   

B  - LOA 40.1 to 50.0 Feet

C  - LOA 50.1 to 60.0 Feet 

D  - LOA 60.1 feet & Above

CLICK HERE to enroll the Solaris Lamma Trophy Competition

BEFORE taking your trials !!!


During the year :


  • You can enroll to the event on any days by paying a standard COA entry fee

  • You have unlimited trials to achieve the fastest rounding of Lamma Island

  • You are free to try and start on any days & at any times. 

  • You can sail Clockwise or Anti-clockwise around the Lamma Island

  • You can start from any of the two Start / Finish Lines and then finish at the same Start / Finish Line

  • email the accessing link to the "RaceQs Tracking Record" of your "fastest" trial(s) to COA Secretary "" the latest by 31st December

  • Or, you can simply submit the "RaceQs" of all your trials and let us calculate your fastest trial record.

  • Remarks :

    • Start to recording your RaceQs Tracking at least 15 minutes BEFORE you pass the start line

    • Stop recording of your RaceQs Tracking at least 15 minutes AFTER you passed the finish line

    • Your Trials did before your enrollment to the event will not be counted

                          i.e.  Enroll your entry before taking your trials

2022 COA Solaris Lamma Trophy - Final Results.jpg
Solaris Lamma Trophy B.jpg


to enroll to the event

(Deadline 31st December)

Lamma Challenge_(S).jpg
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