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2024 COA Buddha's Birthday

Lady Challenge Rally  (Wednesday)


  • Each boat MUST have at least one Lady Crew member on board to participate in this Lady Event and ONLY lady crew(s) can take the boat's helm during the Rally. 


       Leg 1​ - Sailing

  • The scheduled time of start is 10:30 on 15th May 2024   

  • A Virtual Start Line at Latitude 22°14.040’N between Shek O Rock Light to Port and Hong Kong Island to starboard 

  • A Virtual Finish Line at latitude 22°13.000’N in Tai Tam Bay 


       Leg 2 - Lady Kayak Race  

  • There will have 2 same brand & size Kayak for the Lady crews to do a Kayak Match Race in the anchorage area. 

  • Time of the Kayak to finish the race course will be recorded 

  • Ranking of the Kayak Racers will form part of the overall results of her boat team in the event 

Click to Submit your entry through Sailsys

Event & Sailing Instruction (SI)


Come and Enjoy the COA Events !!!

齊 來 參 與 及 享 受 遊 艇 船 主 協 會 的 活 動

Kady Challenge Poster.jpg

Rally Result

BBD Lady Sailsys .jpg
Kayak Result.jpg
BBD Lady Overall.jpg
Lady Challenge Prize.JPG
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