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            COA Championship Series

The COA Championship Series is open to COA members only.

COA Member Boats do not need to submit entries to the COA Championship Series, they will be automatically entered the COA Championship Series.

There are two COA Classes in the Series namely :

  • HKPN Fleet - Member boats with HKPN Rating but without IRC Rating

  •   IRC    Fleet - Member boats with IRC Rating and with or without HKPN Rating

There are Boat Brand Sponsored Classes in the Series namely :

  • Bavaria Cup           - Member boats of any Bavaria sail boat models / sizes

  • Beneteau Cup       - Member boats of any Beneteau sail boat models / sizes

  • Jeanneau Cup        - Member boats of any Jeanneau sail boat models / sizes

  • Hunter Cup            - Member boats of any Hunter sail boat models / sizes

  • Solaris Cup             - Member boats of any Solaris sail boat models / sizes

  • Solaris Gold Coin  - Member boat with the highest participation rate in COA events

     HKPN                IRC            Bavaria        Beneteau      Hunter        Jeanneau        Solaris            Solaris

Event list and results will be provided in the yearly COA Championship Series pages.

Please visit the pages thru the "Championship" Menu above to obtain the details

It is decided from the results obtained by eligible boats competing in a selection of races throughout the year.  Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 ranking COA Member Boats in each COA Class, and the top ranking boat in each Brand Sponsored Class.

Scoring is based on the Cox-Sprague (1994 modified) scoring system with a default minimum of six starters in any race using the placing results published by the organizing authority for each race. Where Regattas are included the overall results for the Regatta are used as a single result per boat.

Points are weighted according to the type of event :

  • COA Macau / China Races / Coastal Rally have a weighting of 1.50

  • COA Individual Races have a weighting of 1.00,

  • Non COA Regattas have a weighting of 1.25

  • Non COA Individual Races have a weighting of 0.75.

The listed races selected from the calendars of the Yacht Clubs around Hong Kong in each calendar year will be taken into account for COA Championship Series.

NOR, SIs and L-notices for the selected events will be issued by the organising Yacht Clubs respectively.  We will keep the COA Website updated as accurately as possible, but please visit the specific Websites from time to time for their latest updates :

COA - Cruiser Owners' Association :

ABC - Aberdeen Yacht Club :

DBYC - Discovery Bay Yacht Club :

HHYC - Hebe Haven Yacht Club :

RHKYC - Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club :

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