Solaris COA Highest Participation Award

​Solaris 2021 COA Highest Participation Award


THANKS to Solaris Yachts for sponsoring

the COA Highest Participant Award the 3rd year in 2021

      -  A "Gold Coin" Sponsored by Solaris Yachts

      -  Award to the COA Member Boat with the highest participation rate in 2021

      -  ALL COA Events in 2021 will be counted

      -  Must participated in ALL Solaris Sponsored Events

             (May add more items throughout the year)

      -  Award to be presented to the winner in the

              COA AGM & Annual Prize Giving Party in early 2022

Remarks : The Solaris Lamma Trophy is NOT Counted in this Award

Gold Coin Awarded 2020

Ding Dong - Thomas Wong


Gold Coin Awarded 2019

Crystal - Francis Ma

Solaris Gold Coin 2.jpeg
Solaris Gold Coin 1.jpeg