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The First Event in year 2023


2023 New Year Crew Helm Rally

Saturday 07th January 2023 


A good chance to start with training up your crew members for the up coming challenges in 2023 sailing Races / Rallies / Cruising events

  •  A moderate 9 nautical miles sailing course from Shek O Rock to Round Island.

  • Feel free to join a raft up drinks (bring your own F&B) at Repulse Bay after finished the sailing course.

  • Every crew members on board should take turns to take the wheel or tiller of the boat for sometime during the sailing course

  • The boat owner and regular helmsman should not  touch the wheel or tiller during the sailing course except in emergency.

Click Here to see the event instructions and course info


Click Here to Register your participation


          Entry Deadline : Friday 30th December 2022

                        Entry Fee   :  COA member boat : HKD300.-

                                               Non-member boat : HKD600.-

Contact COA Secretary for more details

​​"It's all about you and your crew"  Come and Enjoy the COA Events !!
齊 來 參 與 及 享 受 遊 艇 船 主 協 會 的 活 動

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