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Past News 2021

News for 2021 June (click individual item to see Details)


1.    COA DBF Men Challenge Rally - Monday 14th June 2021

2.   COA High Island Seafood Rally - Saturday 10th July 2021

  • Enjoy a relax Rally in the morning then have a seafood lunch before joining the typhoon series race on the next day

  • After the Rally, you may consider to have a relax afternoon dip in the nearby beaches and then leave your boat in Sai Kung area for joining the Typhoon Series Race on Sunday 11th July.

  • CLICK HERE for more details


3.   COA Solaris Lamma Trophy - 1st January to 15th December

We are delighted to announce, and THANKS to Solaris Yachts to sponsor a new COA Event :

  • The Solaris Lamma Trophy will be presented to the COA member boat which recorded the Fastest HKPN Corrected Time to sailing around the Lamma Island during the year

  • You can enrol to the event on any days before 15th December by paying a standard COA entry fee

  • Your HKSF HKPN Rating of the date you enrolled to the event will be used to calculate your HKPN Corrected times for all of your trails

  • Unlimited number of trial on any days & at any times; clockwise or anti-clockwise; with two Start / Finish Lines to choose

  • E-mail the accessing link to the "RaceQs Tracking Record" of your "fastest" trial to COA Secretary "" the latest by 15th December

  • CLICK HERE for more details

4.   New Crews Available


News for 2021 May (click individual item to see Details)


1.    COA 2021 Lady Sailing Rally (Singing Contest)

2.   COA Dragon Boat Festival (DBF) Men Challenge Rally - Monday 14th June 2021

  • We have arranged a special event for ladies in May To support the World Sailing Women's Sailing Festival

  • Now is the turn to arrange a special event for gentlemen to celebrate the Father Day month in June !!!

  • A short sailing race in the morning then send one gentlemen from your team to join a Kayak Race

  • Prizes for kayak race and event overall results.

  • CLICK HERE for more details


3.   Latest COA 2021 Event List

The COA 2021 Event List has been revised with the following changes :

  • As weather in June would be hot & wet, it sounds not ideal to arrange a 3 days Summer Rally as scheduled.  It has been postponed to National Day Weekend and be replaced by a One Day event on the Dragon Boat Festival Day, Monday 14th June 2021.

  • The chance to hold the National Day Macau Race would be remote under current COVID situation.   It will be replaced by the 3 Days National Day Rally.

  • Please CLICK HERE to view & download the revised event list.

4.   Latest COA 2021 Championship Series Event List

The COA 2021 Championship Series Event List has been revised with the following changes :


News for 2021 February (click individual item to see Details)


1.    COA 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Prize Giving Meeting - Saturday 27th February 2021


  • To cope with COVID19 Social Distancing Measures, the COA 2021 AGM & Prize giving will be conducted in an inaugural format via "Zoom Cloud Meeting"

  • COA Members please CLICK HERE to log in to the "Messages for Members" page for details

  • Non COA Members who won a prize in the COA 2020 events will be invited by email to join the prize giving

2.  Updated 2021 COA Event List & COA Championship Series Event List


  • Date for COA 2021 Christmas Cup moved to Saturday 11th December 2021

  • Dates for the COA 2021 Championship Series events in second half 2021 now available.

3.   Solaris Pasta & Fagioli Cooking Cup - Saturday 13th March 2021

  • Another innovative format of COA events incorporating a Pasta cooking competition session

  • Follow & check the event page for further info to be released after Chinese New Year

​​​​​4.   Donations to Charity in 2020

  • Thanks to the charity donations from members and event participants collected in 2020,  the collected sum together with COA's additional contribution has been sent to TREATS and Children's Cancer Foundation respectively .  

5.   Copy of Previous COA Hand Books

  • COA Members can CLICK HERE to log in to the "Member's Page" to view and download previous version of COA Hand Books.

  • Copies of 6 years are available.

  • If members has the copy COA Hand Books other than these 6 versions, please help to contact COA Secretary. Thank You

6.   Revised criteria for the Solaris 2021 COA Highest Participation Award

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