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               COA Championship Series

2022 COA Championship Series


HKPN      IRC     Bavaria Beneteau  Hunter  Jeanneau  Solaris

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2022 Championship Series Results 

2022 Solaris Lamma Trophy Results 

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2022 COA Championship Event List


Click Here to Download the Latest 

2022 COA Event List

Mark your diary & get your teams ready for the events !!!

Revised Arrangements in COA 2022 Events

       -  Races / Rallies / Cruises will be run in  single HKPN Class

       -  If entries more than 14 boats, they will be evenly split into

            HKPN Division A & B according to their HKPN Ratings

      -  Prizes will be awarded in a 1:3 ratio, (i.e. 1 prize per 3 Boats)

      -  Boats with IRC Certificate will have IRC corrected time for reference

           and be used for their results in the COA IRC Championship Series.
      -  Boats declared not to use Kites will have 105% of HKPN Rating

      -  An additional Family Class (1 prize) for boats with family members

           on board to encourage sailing with family members.


     -  To encourage motor boat owners to join sailing, a boat with motor

           boat owner (who does not own a sailing boat) on board will have

           additional 3% favour in HKPN Rating.  (i.e. 103%, or 108% if not

           using kites as well) : - to be declared in entry form


Solaris 2022 COA Highest Participation Award

THANKS to Solaris Yachts for sponsoring the COA Highest

Participant Award the 4th year in 2022

      -  A "Gold Coin" Sponsored by Solaris Yachts

      -  Award to the COA Member Boat with the highest participation rate in 2022

      -  ALL COA Events (including non-sailing events) in 2022 will be counted

      -  Must participated in ALL Solaris Sponsored Events

  •  Exclude Solaris Lamma Trophy

  •  May add more items throughout the year

      -  Must participated in either the "Mid Autumn Festival Macau Race/ HK Rally"

              in September OR the COA Christmas Cup in December

      - Award to be presented to the winner in the 

            COA AGM & Annual Prize Giving Party in early 2023

​​Solaris 2022 HKPN Elapsed Time Honors Award

   - A bottle of Prosecco wine will be awarded to the boat that won

           HKPN Elapsed Time Line Honor in COA events.

     - A Trophy will be awarded to the COA Member boat that won the

           most number of HKPN Elapsed Time Line Honor prizes during the year

      -  Award to be presented to the winner in the

           COA AGM & Annual Prize Giving Party in early 2023

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