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The COA Market Place is open to all COA members and sailors in Hong Kong. 

  • COA Members can advertise for free anything from old unidentified engine parts to high tech racing computers, trade old fashion life jackets for a couple of fishing rods or ask if anyone has this brass sextant you've been dreaming of for a decade.  

  • Non-COA Members can read this page to find the items they want and contact the sellers directly.


COA Members can :

1.   Download the "COA Market Place Form" from "Members' Pages"

2.   Fill in data and insert photo in the form

3.   Email your ad form to

  • The ad will be published as soon as applicable.

  • Remember all we do is publish your ad, as a newspaper would do.  Obviously, ads have to be private, and related to yachts, boats powered by sails, that is. Inappropriate material, commercial scams, professional advertisements for properties or cars and anything looking suspicious will be rejected without notice or warning and with no mercy.

Please let us know with a short email when you have closed a deal, so we can remove the ad from the site and keep the Market Place up to date.  

The Market Place is run and supervised manually, by real people, so any question or comment to is welcome.

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