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Speed Restricted Zones For Vessels

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Speed Restricted Zones For Vessels

Speed restricted zones for all vessels is set by the Marine Department to ensure safe navigation in the Hong Kong waters.


The speed limit in the following restricted zones is 5 knots between 8 am and midnight on any Saturday or public holiday, or on any day during the period from 1 July to 15 September in any year. Such a speed limit precludes the towing of water skiers within the zones.


PORT SHELTER AND ROCKY HARBOUR                                           TOLO HARBOUR                      


K1         Tai She Wan                                                                              T1          Plover Cove           

K2         Tsam Chuk Wan                                                                       T2          Sha Tin Hoi

K4         East Kiu Tsui Chau (boundary extended)                             T3          Ko Tong Hau (new)

K5         West Kau Sai Chau                                                                   T4          Three Fathoms Cove (new)

K6         South Kau Sai Chau                                                                 T5          Wu Kai Sa (new)

K7         Bluff Island                                                                                T6          Sam Mun Tsai (new)

K8         Clear Water Bay

K9         Sor Sze Mun (new)

K10       Ma Tau Wan (new)

K11       High Island (new)

K12       Yeung Chau (new)


The speed limit of the following restricted zones is 5 knots between 8 a.m. and 12 midnight on any Saturday or public holiday; and any day from 1 April to 31 October (both days inclusive) -


HONG KONG ISLAND, SOUTH                                                          LAMMA ISLAND

A1         To Tei Wan                                                                                 A7         Luk Chau Wan

A2         Tai Tam Harbour                                                                      A8         Sham Wan CHEUNG CHAU

A3         Stanley Bay                                                                               A9         Tung Wan

A4         Chung Hom Wan

A5         South Bay

A6         Deep Water Bay                                                           LANTAU ISLAND

A10       Tai Tam Bay                                                                               L1          Discovery Bay

A11       Repulse Bay


The speed limit of the following restricted zone is 5 knots between 8 a.m. and 12 midnight on all days in a year -



K3         Hebe Haven (Pak Sha Wan)

  • Before taking a trip, check that you have all the necessary equipment and that it is workable.

  • Do not carry more people on your boat than your licence allows.

  • Check the latest weather report. Fog, rain and wind coupled with rough seas are your enemies. If you are in any doubt - don't go.

  • Study the charts to learn the hazards: submerged rocks, strong tides, ocean traffic, fishing obstructions, etc.

  • Remember large vessels cannot take rapid action to avoid collision and fishing vessels may have gear out which could foul your propeller.

You should leave with these thoughts firmly fixed in your mind:

  • I will be alert.

  • I will be cautious.

  • I will be seamanlike.

  • I will be courteous and considerate to other boat users.

This "Guideline for Boaters" is courtesy of the Marine Department, The Government of the HKSAR

Mardep Notice 20040 - Speed Restriction
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