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With the generously sponsorship from Jeanneau and China Pacific Marine, we are delighted to announce the opening of the ninth COA Christmas Cup :


2022 Jeanneau Christmas Cup

Saturday 10th December 2022  


We cordially invite the boat teams from the

Jeanneau Owners; the COA; 

the ABC; the DBYC; the HHYC & the RHKYC

to take part in the ninth annual COA Christmas Cup.

ALL Jeanneau Sailing Yachts are invited to join the event with discounted entry fee.  Apart from the normal fleets divisions,

also dual scored & prized in the additional Jeanneau Class.

Start the day near your base mooring / berth for Leg One sailing 

and join the other fleets mid-way for Leg Two sailing

Click Here to Register your participation

Entry Deadline : Saturday 03th December 2022

        Entry Fee   :  Jeanneau Boats      : HKD150.-

                     COA member boat : HKD300.-

                     Non-member boat : HKD600.-

This is also the last event in the COA 2022 Championship Series

Don't miss the chance to challenge the leaders for Podium Prizes !!!

Contact COA Secretary for more details

​​"It's all about you and your crew"  Come and Enjoy the COA Events !!
齊 來 參 與 及 享 受 遊 艇 船 主 協 會 的 活 動

COA 2022 Jeanneau Christmas Cup - Poster.jpg


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