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2023 Dragon Boat Festival

Men's Trivia Rally

Thursday 22nd June 2023

  • Dragon Boat Festival is our annual event day for the male sailors to challenge their skills

  • We have held battles of the brawn in the past men challenge events, this time will be a battle of the brains.

  • A Trivia regarding the Dragon Boat Festival and sailing knowledge is waiting for your boat’s one male crew member to challenge !

  • First enjoy a moderate ~10 nautical miles sailing rally in the morning, starting between 10:30 to 11:00 GPS time.

  • Followed by a Trivia questionnaire session in the afternoon with one male crew member from each participating boat.

  • Please bring your own F&B for lunch and enjoy the post event Dragon Boat swimming / cruising at your leisure.

  • Prizes will be awarded to the winners of Sailing/ Trivia/ Overall Results.

Don't miss this annual fun Men's event !!!

It will also affect your priority scores for joining the National Day Macau Race !!!

Click Here to see the event instructions

On-Line Entry (Click Here) by Thursday 15th June 2023

"It's all about you and your crew"  Come and Enjoy the COA Events !!
齊 來 參 與 及 享 受 遊 艇 船 主 協 會 的 活 動

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