COA Solaris Pasta & Fagioli Cooking Cup 2021

- Saturday 13th March 2021



Click Here to register your participation in the event.

The 4th Solaris Pasta & Fagioli Rally, which is a

Compulsory event counting in the

Solaris 2021 COA Highest Participation Award.

Don't miss the chance to win a Year of the OX Gold Coin !!! 

Another innovative format of COA event - incorporating a Pasta cooking competition session !!!

​​Go out for a private sailing Cruise in the morning

Anchor at a Nearby Bay to join the Pasta & Fagioli cooking competition

Enjoy yours and the Sponors' Pasta & Fagioli + Prosecco Wine

Receive a souvenir of beautiful bowl set and prizes if you won

More info - Contact Secretary@coahk.org


Solaris metal trasparente.png
Solaris Pasta & Fagioli Cooking Cup - Po