Solaris Yachts Summer Rally

Re-sail on Saturday 13th June 2020



The original Rally scheduled on Saturday 30th May was cancelled

due to bad weather conditions with heavy rain and thunderstorm

throughout the day.

We now arrange the re-sail of the Rally as :


Solaris Yachts Summer Rally (Re-Sail)

on Saturday 13th June 2020.

If you missed to enter the original Rally on 30th May 2020,
We look forward to receiving your entry to the Re-sail Rally on 13th June 2020.

Entry Deadline :  18:00 Tuesday 09th June 2020


  •  An one day fun race among the Islands in Eastern Hong Kong

  • Maximum number of crews on each boat need to follow HD instructions as effective on 13th June 2020 (Current limitation is 8 crews)

  • Starts from 11:00 from Tung Lung Island to Sai Kung Ma Tsai Pai

  • New Rally declaration format by using free phone App "RaceQs"

        (Please see Sailing Instructions point 15 for details)

  • No Prize Giving Party after the Rally.  Boats can freely to enjoy a relax cruising weekend in the Sai Kung area or return to your home mooring

         / berth after the Rally.

  • Rally Prizes to be presented to winners in the COA 2021 AGM & Annual Party in early 2021

  • Overall Winning Team will be invited to enjoy a day cruise on a Solaris 48 Yacht (date TBA)

​​​Please click the following links to download the Re-sail Rally Documents

Welcome and look forward to seeing your teams in the Rally


"It's all about you and your crew"  Come and Enjoy the COA Events !!
齊 來 參 與 及 享 受 遊 艇 船 主 協 會 的 活 動

To keep active in the sailing sport with safety and minimize the risk of spreading the COVID-19 Virus crisis,  COA has revised the format of events and put the prize giving session of all COA events in 2020 in the COA 2021 AGM & Annual Party scheduled in early 2021.

Here comes the first revised COA event :


Solaris Yachts Summer Rally

on Saturday 30th May 2020.

Entry Deadline :  18:00 Tuesday 26th May 2020

Solaris Yachts Summer Rally (R) - Poster