2020 Solaris Pasta & Fagioli Rally

- Saturday 14th March 2020



POSTPONED Until Further Notice

due to worldwide outbreak of COVID-19


The 3rd Solaris Pasta & Fagioli Rally, which is a

Compulsory event counting in the

Solaris 2020 COA Highest Participation Award.

Don't miss the chance to win a Year of the Rat Gold Coin !!! 


  • An one day fun race among the Islands in Southern Hong Kong

  • Starts from 12:00 noon from Shek O Rock to Round Island

  • Evening Prize giving party at a motor yacht at Deep Water Bay.

  • Free Solaris Italian Pasta & Fagioli plus limited wine & drinks.

  • Free sampan service between yachts and the party motor yacht

  • Then boats can freely to enjoy a relax cruising weekend in the areas;  return to your home mooring; or joining the ABC Waglan Series + IRC National Day 3 race on Sunday 15th March.

Crews on boats are encouraged to dress in the colour of Italy Flag

i.e. either Green; white or Red

A prize will be awarded to the best dressing team in the Rally.

​Please click the following links to download the Rally Documents

  • COA 2020 Solaris Pasta & Fagioli Rally - NOR Flyer

  • COA 2020 Solaris Pasta & Fagioli Rally - Poster

  • COA 2020 Solaris Pasta & Fagioli Rally - Entry Form

  • COA 2020 Solaris Pasta & Fagioli Rally - Sailing Instructions

  • COA 2020 Solaris Pasta & Fagioli Rally - SI Appendix A

Welcome and look forward to seeing your teams in the Rally


"It's all about you and your crew"  Come and Enjoy the COA Events !!
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