COA 2020 Christmas Cup

Saturday 05th December 2020


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Thanks for Takumi Photography - Panda Man

to take the beautiful drone photos and honor COA to posting here


This is the last racing event before we conclude the winners of the 2020 COA Championship Series.   If you want to challenge the leaders in the 2020 COA Championship Series, don't miss this last COA event in 2020.

This is also part of the major requirements for winning the Solaris 2020 Highest Participation Award.  Must not miss the chance to win a Gold Coin of the year sponsored by Solaris Yachts.

​​​Entry Fee :   COA Member Boat           -  HKD300.-          

             Non-COA Member Boat ​​​​ HKD400.-


Click HERE to submit your on-line entry

​​Entry Deadline : 18.00 hours Tuesday 01st December 2020

(late entry will not be accepted)


The 7th COA Christmas Cup is scheduled on Saturday 05th December 2020. 


This is a cross-club event and follow similar pattern as past years with three feeder races bringing boats from RHKYC, HHYC, ABC and DBYC from Sai Kung, Victoria Harbour and Aberdeen together to Shek O Rock,

followed by a common final leg to finishing at Shek O Rock again.

To encourage cruiser owners to joining this event , there are new arrangements in the 7th COA Christmas Cup in 2020 :

   1.   An additional Family Class for any boats with family team(s) on board

   2.   Boats not using kites/Code Zero sails will have 5% favor on their

         HKPN Rating issued by HKSF.

Please Click below links to download Race Documents :

1.   COA 2020 Christmas Cup - NOR

2.   COA 2020 Christmas Cup - SI

3.   COA 2020 Christmas Cup - Appendix - Route List

4.   COA 2020 Christmas Cup - Poster



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