COA 2019 Mid Autumn Rally

Saturday 05th to Monday 07th October 2019





Entry Deadline : Monday 30th September 2019 !!!

Contact COA Secretary for more details


In replace of the Autumn Macau Race, we have arrange a 3 days Rally within Hong Kong Waters in the October long weekend for you to have both excitements and relaxations in the weekend.

​*  Similar open water down wind sailing as going to Macau on Day 1.

*  Shorter island courses on Day 2 & Day 3 to bring you back to the city.

*  Different styles of Prize Giving Parties for each Rally day.

*  Join ALL 3 RALLY DAYS to enjoy discounted entry fee.

*  Just keep sailing within Hong Kong Waters and you :

>  no need to arrange port clearances for the boats, 

>  no need to arrange immigration for the crews.

>  no need to arrange Macau 3rd party insurance for the boats

The Rally form part of the 2019 COA Championship Series :

*  Each Rally Day will be counted as One event in the 2019 COA

    Championship Series. 

*  Boats’ HKPN / IRC Corrected Time Results on a Rally Day will be 

    dual scored as  their results in the 2019 COA Championship Series

Entry Deadline - end of day Monday 30th September 2019

Entry Fee             :     COA Member          Non COA Member

    Per Rally Day  :       HKD    450.-                HKD    500.-

 All 3 Rally Days  :      HKD 1,200.-                 HKD 1,350.-

Please Download Rally Documents below :

COA 2019 Mid Autumn Rally - NOR.jpg