COA 2019 Kau Sai Bay Seafood Rally

Saturday 23rd March 2019






​Second COA Event in 2019 which also count in the

Solaris 2019 COA Highest Participation Award.

Don't miss the chance to win a Year of the Pig Gold Coin !!! 

  • An one day fun race around the Islands in Sai Kung area.

  • Starts from 10:30 am and end with late lunch prize giving party at Kau Sai Bay Fish Farm Restaurant.

  • Free to select and pay your preferred menu.

  • Then boats can freely to enjoy a relax cruising weekend in Sai Kung  area or return to your home mooring.

Entry Deadline - 18:00 Wednesday 20th March 2019

​Please click the following links to download the Rally Documents

Welcome and look forward to seeing your teams in the Rally 


"It's all about you and your crew"   

Come and Enjoy the COA Events !!
齊 來 參 與 及 享 受 遊 艇 船 主 協 會 的 活 動

COA 2019 Kau Sai Bay Seafood Rally - Pos