COA 2018 Mirs Bay Seafood Rally

Saturday 28th April 2018


Rally Results

Rally Photo Gallery


Final Call :  Entry almost full. 

Absolute Deadline

: 18:00 on Monday 23th April 2018

Detailed Rally arrangements will be sent to skippers of participating boats thru email by Wednesday 25 April.

Participating boats will receive a new COA souvenir

​Please click the following links to download the Rally Documents


Participants in the 2017 Mirs Bay Rally appreciated the enjoyments of a great day of sailing and a sumptuous sea food dinner in the evening plus a relax cruising weekend in the Double Haven.

Now we have arranged with the same restaurant in Mirs Bay for such an enjoyable Seafood Rally and cruising weekend again in 2018.

A Pursuit Race to Mirs Bay on Saturday 28th April 2018 with a special arranged seafood dinner party at "Kau Kee Seafood Restaurant" at Ko Lau Wan. 

Then allow boats freely to select their own schedule to enjoy a relax cruising weekend which may extend to the Labour Day Holiday on Tuesday 01st May 2018.

 Welcome and look forward to seeing you in the Rally